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If you want to grow your workshop or garage, it’s essential that you keep improving your facility and service as much as you can over time.

Here’s eight of the best business ideas for workshops to make sure your outfit thrives.

  1. Invest in a workshop management system

    A workshop management system can organise workflow, billing, shift management, customer relationships and simplify other day-to-day tasks, no matter the size of your business. The right system could also integrate with any accounting software you may use.

  2. Boost your efficiency

    Reducing the amount of time a typical job takes is good for you and your customers. Work on your First Time Diagnosis (FTD) – this ensures the right components are replaced first time to avoid wasting time and money.

  3. Motivate (and retain) your staff

    Retaining staff means you get the benefits of their improved experience. Offering training and professional development is very valuable here – Delphi Technologies offers a huge range of courses and programs to choose from.

  4. Organise your workshop

    Keeping tools and equipment organised makes them easier to find, saving time and money. It also sends a clear message to customers that you’re professional and can be trusted with their vehicle.

  5. Communicate with customers

    Better communication with your customers builds stronger relationships, increasing the likelihood of return business. Keep them in the loop with timely updates and explain things clearly without jargon. Consider a reward system to encourage loyalty and referrals.

  6. Improve the working environment

    For both staff and customers, a happy workshop results in a better experience all round. Make sure you have adequate lighting, ventilation and heating, and that the workshop environment is as clean, tidy and pleasant to work in.

  7. Stick to your word

    Reviews and word of mouth are essential to grow your business. Customers appreciate honesty about the work and the costs involved. Try to be as accurate as possible with timings – consider using Delphi VTI for accurate quote times.

  8. Online

    Improving your website can increase the business that comes through the door. It should look professional and be clear about the services you provide. Make sure it can accommodate online bookings and maximize your presence on search engines to ensure you’re easily found by customers.

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