Why do I need to clean the hub?

The hub should be cleaned to remove the worst of the dirt and debris from around the centre of the hub. Simply replacing the brake discs means they may not sit properly on the hub which will lead to excessing runout.

How can I make hub removal simpler for next time?

Apply high-temperature grease around the centre of the hub. This should help to prevent the brake disc from fusing to the hub next time a replacement is needed.

Does the Model S need a brake shim kit?

When fitted to the back of the brake pad, the brake shim kit helps reduce noise. Delphi’s specialist EV brake shim kits make it simpler to bed in the new brake discs and pads.

Why do a runout check of the hub?

If the customer has mentioned any vibration during braking, we’d recommend a runout check of the hub (prior to fitting a new brake disc). The hub running off-centre can cause vibrations from the brake pedal all the way up to steering, which can be a serious issue.


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