Should I replace both lower arms?

Yes. If the front arms fail while driving, it can cause the road wheel to move within the wheel arch.  This means that it is more difficult for the driver to control the vehicle. For this reason it makes sense to replace both arms.

What happens if the front lower arm isn’t replaced?

If the front lower arm isn’t replaced, the wheel drifts and can strike the back or front of the wheel arch, potentially damaging components which are found in that region such as the brake line or even the coolant pipes and cabling for the high-voltage battery in electric vehicles.

How do I remove the bolt from the bottom arm of the suspension in a TESLA Model S?

One of the bolts in the bottom arm cannot be removed conventionally without removing the high-voltage battery – a task that costs valuable time and effort. The manufacturer actually recommends cutting off the bolt in this situation. Tip: Depending on the year of production TESLA changed the bolt orientation, on some newer vehicles in may be in the correct way and not need cutting.

What do I need to remember before finally tightening the bolts on the replacement part?

Put some upward force on the bottom arm before tightening and torquing the bolts. This is done to simulate the vehicle weight which will be placed on it when it is  lowered back to the ground. Push up the bottom arm to achieve that effect.Note: Not doing this crucial part may lead to premature failure of the lower arm bushes.


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