Kajetan Kajetanowicz - the ultimate partnership

In May 2017, our Delphi Technologies brand joined the list of sponsors of Kajetan "Kajto" Kajetanowicz and his team, now known as the ORLEN Rally Team. This move was a big step forward for both parties, as it demonstrated our commitment to supporting the team's success in rallying across Europe. By then, Kajto was already considered one of the best drivers in the history of Polish motorsport. He had four Polish Championship titles and two European Rally Championship titles to his credit! The first year of our partnership ended with his third triumph in the European championship!

Since 2018, Kajetanowicz has been competing with us by his side in the World Rally Championships, the most difficult and prestigious rally series. Just one year later, in 2019, Kajto triumphed in the legendary Rally Turkey, and at the end of the season he won the World Vice-Championship!

Get to know Kajto's rallying history

Our involvement in sponsoring Kajto's activities brought further successes, watched by fans around the world. In 2020, Kajto was again on the WRC podium, while in 2021 he won the vice-championship in the WRC 3 category for the second time. In 2022, already in the WRC 2 category, Kajto was victorious in the toughest round of the calendar, the African Safari Rally. In distant New Zealand, Kajto, piloted by Maciej Szczepaniak, checked in second position. The result: another podium at the end of the season! 


The WRC is widely regarded as one of the most demanding motorsport competitions in the world, so we were delighted when Kajetan secured his place in this prestigious series. His determination to compete at the highest level, to be the very best, mirrors ours. It’s something we strive for every day. In everything we do. And so naturally we’re proud to continue this journey with Kajetan. - said Neil Fryer, VP & GM Aftermarket


As part of this exciting collaboration together, Kajetan Kajetanowicz helps with the promotion of Delphi Technologies’ brand worldwide. The company's logo is visible on driver's car and clothing, which also provides great exposure on his highly reachable social media. We have a number of joint campaigns behind us, including the one in 2019, when we targeted the entire Central & Eastern Europe market. This season, Kajto and his team of rally technicians are here to share their knowledge and experience with you. Stay tuned!

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